Deceptively simple blob capturing.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Simplicial Software, LLC
Downloads: 5.89M times

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Whats new

1.8.1: - New Experimental Game Mode! This will be used to test new mechanics or potential game modes - Plasma that you collect in clan house games will now be contributed to the clan - Daily / All Time option for XP leaderboards - "Hidden" mode now shows you as online but no one can join or spectate your games from the friend list or clan list - Many bug fixes - Translation improvements - New Tuber Skins - New Emote


Grow your blobs in this fun, entertaining game!

Nebulous is a game created specially to provide you a fun time and keep you entertained for hours while you grow your blobs by connecting different dots scattered throughout the game or by gobbling up smaller players and become the biggest blob out there.

You will have to be aware of the biggest players who are trying to do exactly the same as you and gobble your blob to wiShow more







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