Metro in Europe — Vienna, Lisbon, Milan and other

Detailed metro maps and route times
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Whats new

We’ve completely updated Yandex.Metro — we revamped the design and added new features: • There’s now more information on the map: line interchange types, airports and railway stations. • Every station has an information card with working hours, exits and repair information. • Warnings of renovations and closures are shown in search results, as well as in route details. • The app supports TalkBack, so it can be used by people with visual impairments.


Plan your metro trip and know how long your journey will take, including any line transfers. The app displays the optimal route, shows which metro car will be most convenient, shows station exits on the map and forewarns of any closures.

• Metro map with everything you need to know
On the map you can see which stations are closed for repairs, and which stations are best for getting to railway stations and airports. Enlarge thShow more







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