App Ops - Permission manager

Manage app permission with App Ops (require root or adb on Android 6.0+)
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Qixingchen
Downloads: 58.56K times

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Whats new

For Android Q beta 3: - Works - Storage options not work, it's a system bug - "Storage sandbox" option is hidden temporarily (disable by default unless app declared, how to force enable is not clear) For all Android version: - Fix "Show framework apps" option not work under root mode - Fix overlay packages are not filtered under root mode


If your device is rooted, you can use this app directly.
If your device runs Android 5.0 or 5.1 and not rooted, please do not download, because you are not able to use this app due to the limit of Android.
If not rooted and runs Android 6.0 and above, you can use this app by adb (Android Debug Bridge), but this require computer connection and a little bit troublesome setup steps, please read the description below before doShow more







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