VLC for Android

VLC for Android is the best open source video and music player, fast and easy!
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Videolabs
Downloads: 465.2M times

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Whats new

Application: * Fix subtitles not reloaded when multitasking * Fix forward/rewind actions with Assistant * Improve video player accessibility descriptions * Stability improvements * Misc. fixes TV: * Video player: improve use of seekbar with remote * Fix crashes in main screen * Restore recommendations on Oreo VLC: * Update VLC core


Simple, fast and powerful media player

VLC media player has been a crowd favorite for years.

Easy to use, flexible and lightweight, VLC supports a wide range of formats and can also integrate with web channel streaming services. It’s a first choice to play audio (from mp3 to flac) and video (mkv, mpeg4, webm and many more). If you feel like downloading a video from youtube VLC will also answer your call.

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