Tasks: Astrid To-Do List Clone

Synchronize and share your task lists with CalDAV!
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Alex Baker
Downloads: 135.93K times

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Whats new

6.5.5 (2019-03-14) * Bug fixes * Update translations 6.5.3 (2019-02-19) * Fix crash when upgrading Android 7 to 8+ * Improve OneTask interop 6.5.2 (2019-02-11) * Improve notification responsiveness * Bug fixes and performance improvements 6.4.1 (2019-01-16) * Limit notification count and rate * Fix Synology Calendar issue 6.4 (2019-01-10) * Copy backups to Google Drive * Improve search 6.3.1 (2018-11-07) * Location departure notifications


Tasks is free and open source task management software based on the same code as Astrid! The complete source code is available at https://github.com/tasks. Visit http://tasks.org to read the documentation, or contact [email protected] with any questions or feedback
* Organize your tasks with tags
* Location based reminders
* Includes Astrid's flexible task recurrence
* Dynamic lists using custom filters
* Google TaskShow more







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