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Keep settings for each app individually
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1.0.130-137 * Android 8+: Build-in support for removing "running in background" / "consuming battery" notification (Notification access) 1.0.128 * GDPR update (EU) 1.0.125 * Bug fix 1.0.119-123 * Bug fix * Japanese translation 1.0.113-118 * Fix for android O 1.0.111-112 * Fix for android O * Regular bug fix 1.0.108-109 * Widescreen support


Different apps need different configurations and settings. This app help you to switch to different set of settings for your each of your app individually. It includes volume, orientation, network conditions, Bluetooth connection, screen brightness, keep screen awake, etc.

You can create profile for each app. When you launch the app, the corresponding profile will be applied. After that, you can adjust the settings as usual. The proShow more







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