ATracker - Daily Task and Time Tracking

Life is precious and so is your time. ATracker helps you keep track of your time
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Whats new

- Added search function for "Today" tab, "History" tab, "Task admin" form and "Icon selection" form. - Allow user to select a date range in "History" tab in new card view with all notes displayed. User can search for task name, description and notes. - Added more color themes. - Allow user to select "Last" and "Now" for task entry form. - Show notes in calendar view, if space is available. - Various bug fixes. Hope you enjoy these new features. Reviews and ratings are very welcome!


Introducing ATracker - Managing your time, beautifully.
The popular iOS time management app ATracker, is now available in Android.

ATracker is a time tracking app with an elegant minimalist user interface that is not only very easy to use, but also takes no time to set up.

To start/stop time recording, you can simply tap a task from the list of all your pre-defined tasks on the main screen. Defining a unique taskShow more







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