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v1.8.2 - 2 new databases added, especially good for Greek and Italian books - Slovenian support - Continuous improvement v1.8.0 - You can now search books by keywords to add them to your library! - Norwegian support v1.7.0 - Discover the brand new Statistics tab! - Share a book or a comics easily v1.6.0.5 - Dutch, Romanian & Hebrew support


Free and ad-free, My Library allows you to store your personal library and to perform a quick search within it.

My Library allows you to :
- Add a book to your library by scanning its barcode (title, author, cover, summary, published date, publisher, ...)
- Add a book to your library via its ISBN number
- Add a book to your library manually
- Look for a book in your library
- Sort your library by titlesShow more







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