Braveland Heroes

A turn-based game inspired by old-school strategies with hexagonal battlefield.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Tortuga Team
Downloads: 7.34M times

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Whats new

Bravelanders, autumn gives way to a frosty and snowy winter, which means it's time for an update! - New indicator, which shows the online status of the player - New difficulty levels in Boss Raids - Requirements for the rating of resource requests are less strict now - You can now always switch from the adventure map to the clan chat - You cannot use fewer than 5 units in the Duel and in the Arena - Improved the matching mechanism for offline Duels - Other improvements and modifications.


Old-school mobile turn-based RPG strategy!

The king's scepter of the Seven Kingdoms was perfidiously stolen from the throne room. The kings have summoned the mightiest heroes of magic and offered a generous bounty to the person, who returns it. In high spirits, you set off on a dangerous quest in the search of the royal relic. Use tactics to lead legions of heroes, fight the bosses and conquer other players! As you play, your army wiShow more







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