Boom Beach

Storm the beach and win the day!
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Supercell
Downloads: 3.87M times

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Whats new

WARSHIPS! Our biggest UPDATE ever! • Real-time PvP Combat comes to Boom Beach! • Take on the world and top the Warships Leaderboard • Build up your Warship with the Tech Tree • Climb up the Ranks and win epic rewards Extra: • Change your name with Diamonds • New Mega Crab Legendary Trophies to obtain • Various bug fixes and improvements


He who seeks to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived"

Ahoy there land lubbers! Sailin’ the high seas in the good ole Jolly Rogers is serious business. Pirates can get hurt and pirates can put the hurt on other people. On which side will you stand?

If you're familiar with Clash of Clans Boom Beach will look pretty familiar. You start with a simple island base with the goal being to expShow more







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