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Bible study has never been this Fun and Easy with this offline Bible study tool
Rating: High Maturity
Developer: RiverSoft Information System
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Content scroll bar improvements: new Display Preference to Always show scroll bars, scroll bar color can be customized in CSS Editor. Search Bible Verse list menu improvements: added Copy and Copy with text to copy the result to Clipboard. New Popup Preference: Show Copy in Bibles. Preview (Search, Editor and others) improvement: added Find in page in the menu. Other bug fixes. - Full Changelog:


With MySword, you can study the Bible without banner ads, compare different translations, look up Strong's Hebrew and Greek Lexicon, read popular commentaries and even write your own insights and study notes directly on your smartphone or tablet.
The following are the exciting features of MySword for Android:
1. Multiple off-line Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Books
2. Bible version verse comparison
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