Sdorica -mirage-

A story-filled fantasy RPG
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Rayark International Limited
Downloads: 75.59K times

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Whats new

[Fix] Sione SP's 4-orb skill animation freezing the game [Fix] Frozen screen caused when triggering the region tutorial under specific conditions [Fix] Exception error caused when some Rayark Pass accounts enter the Settings menu


As Watchers, how will you change this world...
With over 10 million download s worldwide, Rayark has spent 4 years of hard work combining excellent storytelling, challenging visual and audio effects into an RPG.

A Deep and Thought-Provoking Script
Displayed with fully animated and dynamic cutscenes, all handcrafted by 2D animators. Over 60 unique characters let you experience a stunning and enrapturing world.

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