Alive In Shelter: Moon

After nuke fallout and escape from Earth try to survive on the Moon!
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Wojciech Zomkowski (pokulan)
Downloads: 1.51K times

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Whats new

[14.01.2018] - Added crafting recipe for fabric -Bugs fixed [26.12.2018] - Bugs Fixed - Gameplay improvements [14.11.2018] [2.2.7 version] - Russion improved, Crash fixed - New way to fix the rocket: finish Big Blobb tasks - Bugs fixed [08.11.2018] - Game is now playable... [07.11.2018] - Added special craftable medicine to heal health bar. - In hard difficulty character will become ill if outside is bad weather - Bugs fixed


Alive In Shelter sequel! Take as fast what you need from the shelter and go to the Moon. Try to survive as long as you can and repair the rocket to come back home... Better home without radiation and monsters. Go on expeditions, repair items. Remember to have oxygen.... ;)
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