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The only app that sets brightness based on screen contents, not on ambient light
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Developer: out386
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Whats new

1.3.3: Moved most of the options to sub sections Fix: Brightness would be messed up after resuming Fix: Light screens were sometimes brighter than dark screens Removed the redundant brightness seekbars 1.3.2: Minor bugfixes 1.3.1: Fix crash on using App Profiles 1.3.0: New Profiles section. It is now possible to automatically start or stop Underburn depending on which app is open New Google+ Community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/108907327012777399784 Added changelogs in-app


Ever had someone send you a white image at night, or had to open a browser, while using a dark theme? No need to fumble for that brightness control any more, Underburn will reduce the brightness for you! Unlike other brightness apps, Underburn dynamically sets your screen brightness based on what's showing on your screen, not the ambient light level. This relieves stress when opening light images/apps when using a dark theme at night, without makShow more







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