Mobile Legends: Adventure

Exclusive Licensed Game, Idle To Get Great Resources!
Rating: Low Maturity
Developer: Gary Weng
Downloads: 21.5M times

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Whats new

1. Added 4 new Chapters to Campaign. More adventures await. 2. Chapter 7 of Akashic Ruins is now available. Will you obtain the brand-new Artifact “Dragon Jade” without breaking a sweat? 3. Gavana, the Order-type Hero who has high survivability and high damage now joins the battlefield.


A Licensed Game Based on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! You don't want to miss out on this official sequel!
Let's open a new chapter for the adventure on the Land of Dawn!

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a unique IDLE RPG game with a giant world map and exclusive hero stories, as well as relaxing gameplay. You can get great resources even when you are offline!

1. Carefree Idle Gameplay
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