Magic Rush: Heroes

Real time strategy meets RPGs and tower defence games in this epic adventure.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Elex
Downloads: 55.49M times

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Whats new

Hero Adjustments 1. Yuan Afterimage Fist: HP and attack power of the fist increases as Yuan’s attributes increase. 2. Rams Hell Gate: Increased Hell Gate’s HP. 3. Karna Magic Brilliance: Increased the damage of extra explosion triggered by Magic Burst. Increased damage of glowing snare produced by Magic Halo. Increased range and damage of Magic Flash’s extra explosion. 4. Patra Added availability of Patra Soulstones.


Brace yourself for war and gather the right heroes to protect your kingdom and defeat your enemies!

Magic Rush: Heroes is the perfect game for those who love strategy and adventure games, which combines skill-aiming controls and a real time PvP Ladder Tourney mode, thus making sure you will never get bored. We know that gaming is better when shared, so enjoy the multiplayer mode with World Map battles, Tower Defence, among others andShow more







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