Mobile Legends: Bang bang

A thrilling 5v5 MOBA, now featuring a 99-player Battle Royale Mode.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Youngjoy
Downloads: 22.81M times

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Whats new

1. New hero [Tribal Warrior] - Badang is now available! 2. All new region contest - Conquest of Dawn! 3. Sacred Statue of [Miya] - [Moonlight Arrow]. 4. Mayhem Mode is open again with more heroes to use. 5. [Aurora] new zodiac skin - [Aquarius]. 6. Optimized display effects in Draft Pick. 7. Fixed a problem where Battle Emotes can't be used in Custom Modes.


Restless for some relentless action? Want to shatter opponents in epic battles at the touch of your finger and be crowned a legend? eSports brings you yet another mobile gaming masterpiece - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

5 vs. 5 battles: Enjoy 5 vs. 5 battles against real opponents in real time with complete reproductions of classic MOBA maps.

Win with teamwork and strategy: It is crucial that you work andShow more







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