Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe

Pill and Medicine Reminders, Health Tracker & Medication Organiser, Tablet Alarm
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Medisafe Project
Downloads: 33.86M times

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What's New: - Bug fixes Thanks for using Medisafe! We'd appreciate it if you'd update your review to help others find us too. Want to improve the app and see what's coming soon? Join our Beta Community at medisafe.com/betacommunity.


Google Play Editors' Choice (Awarded 2016)
What our users are saying about Medisafe:
"I love this app! I have cancer and I take quite a regiment of pills that I have to take at several different times of the day. Tells me when to take them, if they need to be taken with food, gives me info about the pills and keeps track of me taking the pills. It also keeps track of other health areas like your weight, glucose, pulse, blood pressureShow more







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