SWAT and Zombies Season 2

Join the S.W.A.T. team and kill all the zombies.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Manodio Co., Ltd.
Downloads: 328.03K times

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Whats new

v1.2.6 - Fixed notification service bug v1.2.5 - Wide screen is supported. v1.2.4 - Fixed an alert bug that occasionally pops up after a successful item purchase. v1.2.3 - Store bug fix - Modified according to back button guide. - Edit language selection screen v1.2.2 - The name of the ad box has been modified. v1.2.1 - Fixed a bug that booster items disappear.


- The defense game with over 11 million downloads is back with more advanced graphics and systems!
- Kill or be killed! It’s one or the other! It's the breathtaking confrontation for mankind's survival!
- Stay frosty! The tension never lets up as you move to the second half of the stage! Feel the intensity!
- Join the S.W.A.T. team and kill all the zombies. You must protect Perfectville, the last remaining safe zone.
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