Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium

This game is very relaxing. When I got the game it was released all my stress.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: IDLE Idea Factory
Downloads: 31.4M times

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New Halloween event map! Complete the exclusive task of this event together with the newly decorated hermit crab, and get rich final reward! [58 new species of event fish and previous event fish] - 2016-17 Halloween event fish - 2017 Autumn event fish - Fish for the latest Halloween event in 2018 [Three new in-app purchase packs] - Deep sea map: Koala gift pack - Freshwater map: Mandarin duck pack - Halloween map: Little witch pack


Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium is a game that helps relax your nerve. Level up your Stone, create your own fish and make the Aquarium belongs to you! A beautiful ocean world waiting for you to explore!

Level up the stone by tapping.

Build Coral to double the vitality.

Use vitality to create your fish.

1.Simple Control---- create coral and fish with just a simple tap

2.Amazing graphics---yShow more






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