Bomber Friends

The best Bomber game with online multiplayer! Challenge your friends now!
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Hyperkani
Downloads: 4.76M times

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Whats new

- New customized gravestone items available! Go out in style! - New fantastic customize items and emotes will be available from the forthcoming events and soon at the shop! - New enhanced single player experience is here! New story content with a new world map!


Bomb your rivals in the online multiplayer game Bomber Friends!

Survive intense matches against other real players and blast them with your incredibly powerful bombs and the power-ups you pick up along the way. What happens when you get blown-up? The fun continues as you become a ghost and get to annoy the surviving players, by cursing them and making their lives tougher.

The online matches can have between 2 to 8 playerShow more







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