Old Gold 3D: Dungeon Quest Action RPG

First person action rpg, use sword and magic to clear dungeons full of monsters.
Rating: Very Low Maturity
Developer: Gelios Software
Downloads: 20.75M times

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Whats new

Version 3.9.5 - Updated King dungeons - Added Old bow - Several game improvements Version 3.2.7 - Update of first dungeons - Updated hunter knife - Changed weapon store Version 2.9.6 - Updated Dungeons of - Stone Golems, - Horned Demons, - Skeleton Warriors, - Skeleton Ghosts, - Undead King - Added Great Shield - Added Superior Spear


Raid the dungeons full of evil defenders to fight against powerful bosses guarding ancient gold. Improve your adventurer abilities along this deadly quest. Addictive fast action rpg has classic single player retro gameplay of the best free old-school 3D games.

You start your quests with one of the weapon like: 1 old broken sword, 2 tomb rocks, 3 dungeon hunter bow, 4 assassin's throwing knives, 5 knight's sword, 6 flicker dagger, 7 rShow more




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