MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess

Rating: Everyone
Developer: Gameloft
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Team up with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in a new limited-time Mega Event! *WHAT’S NEW* MEGA EVENT: Complete Pony Tasks based on the "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" episode from the My Little Pony show! 24 CHARACTERS: Meet Rainbow Dash's #1 fans: her mom and dad! Plus many more schoolponies & friends! NEW BUILDINGS: Add the Pet Shop, Perfume Shop, Art Supply Shop, Candy Machine and other options! NEW DÉCOR: Beautify your Equestria with the Schoolponies' Castle, Rainbow, Go-Karts & more!


Saddle up for adventure with Twilight Sparkle & friends!

After being locked away in the moon for centuries, Nightmare Moon is set free and spreading night across Ponyville! Only Twilight Sparkle and her friends can free Ponyville from her grasp and bring light and friendship back to the land. Help them rebuild the town and reach their dreams in exciting quests!

* Your favorite ponies are here: Rainbow Dash, FluttersShow more







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