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6 Million distractions beaten!
1 App to Improve focus, Manage time, Manage tasks
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Whats new

Version 5.4.1 - User Interface improvements. - Fixed Android KitKat crash issue. Version 5.4.0 Add your New Year resolution in Engross!! - Add upto 3 resolutions for 2019 - Let us know how you wish to track and achieve your resolutions through Engross, we will add tracking soon. Set upto 24 repeats for timer/pomodoro sessions. - On multiple requests from users, we have increased the repeat number of timer from 6 to 24 sessions.


All the essentials you need for a productivity day are in it! It is a therapy for low focus and bad time management.

Engross helps you stay focused at work/studies and improve efficiency
Engross uses a unique ‘Hit me when you are distracted’ method which ensures that you remain focused at the task you are on. It is simple to use and gives you results right away, it triggers you to get your focus back at work.
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