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Version 5.3.5 - Timer Bug fix. Version 5.3.4 - Added 24-hour clock. Version 5.3.0 Introducing Progressive To-do! - Convert your task into measurable values, keep track of the task progress & reach your goal in stages. Label your to-dos and filter the To-do by labels. More in Statistics! - Track tasks completed per day, week, month. View number of tasks completed under each label and understand your activity better. - Label-wise distribution of your work time. Added 52/17 combination


Most of us distract a lot while studying or working. Distractions lower our efficiency, task that can be finished in 30 minutes takes 60 minutes, imagine how much time we waste in a whole day, week or in a year!

Engross is specially designed to lower distractions/procrastination and improve concentration. It helps to adopt self-control & stay focused on work at hand. It not just eliminates day-dreaming & distractions from your work tShow more







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