Purple Player Pro: Music Speed Changer

#1 App that lets you change the speed and pitch of your music, independently.
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Purple Codelab
Downloads: 11.24M times

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Whats new

All new Purple AI powered shuffle mode: Running low on time? Sit back, Relax and let Purple AI handle your playback. Now, Hear only best chunks of your favorite tracks. Join the AI revolution! Fixed notification and status bar not being colored according to theme color Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes


Purple Player Pro packs all new sound engine under the hood for your great audio listening experience. Try now !!
Purple Player Pro is an intuitive, simple yet powerful & customizable music player for Android.

=9 Features:

" Fluidic design

" Auto-Adapts your screen size and width, Even on your new 18:9 devices

" Adjust speed & pitch of any track in REALTIME

" CompatiShow more







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