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The fastest and best Romanian Explanatory Dictionary- Dictionar Explicativ Roman
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Developer: Adrian Vintu
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Whats new

Also DEX for Windows Phone is available here New + improved definition formatting Old * fixed Word Mill + notification for new articles on A Rich Life + added module Top Words + added module A Rich Life + updated interface for tablets + improved definition formatting * changed Light black theme + added OpenSans font + swipe left/right to navigate the screens + you can choose your favorite interface/theme from (Preferences/Colors) + added DEX widget!


DEX for Android is an OFFLINE and online Romanian Explanatory Dictionary - Dictionar Explicativ Roman - ( - DEX pentru Android + packed together with educational games.

Widget config

For the widget to work you need to:

1. install DEX application on the internal memory - the widget won't work if you move the app to the external card (limitation from Android)

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