Boss Clicker

Click and win!
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Delmark Games
Downloads: 10.39M times

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Whats new

- New design! Done: Main Menu, Interface, First Act, Adventure Mode, Very soon: Arena, Seasonal Bosses and much more! - Redrawn and edited over a hundred icons \ textures! - Optimizing Cloud Saved - The award for the end of the season is available. - Many bugs fixed - Prices for the "Island" are - Improved reward from boss Easter Bunny - And much more!


Click and win!

Boss Clicker- a fascinating clicker with RPG elements in which you need to “clicked»
everybody, who try to mislead you. You think, they will allow insult themselves and simply give you treasure chest?
Oh, no! They will do everything to stop you: invoke terrible rockfalls and
deadly storms, demons from the impenetrable darkness, or subordinate Elements . Give them fight back and show what you can!Show more






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