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Catalog your music collection (CDs or vinyl). Automatic song lists & cover art.
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Whats new

* New: resizable panels (for tablets only): - All panels in the main screen (folders, list and details) are now resizable using draggable separators between the panels, so that you can customize the layout to your own liking. - The resizable panels in the Add screen have been updated to use the nicer look of the draggable separators.


Catalog your CDs and vinyl records.
Automatic cover images and song lists.
Just scan barcodes with your camera!

- Free 7-day trial, then $1.49 per month -

Use our "CLZ Core" central online music database for easy adding of albums.
* Just scan CD or vinyl barcodes with your device camera.
* or search our CLZ Core by Catalog Number (great for vinyl) or by Artist/Title.
* CLZ Core will automatiShow more







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