BubbleDS for Linn DS / OpenHome

Play your music to your Linn DS and OpenHome players in your home
Rating: Everyone
Developer: Bubblesoft
Downloads: 33.9K times

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Whats new

- fixed crash choosing Songcast menu entry - improved stability - added 'Tracks by &tt;artist>...\' to 3-dot menu of tracks and albums in Library, Playlist and Now Playing - added ability to remove Qobuz/TIDAL favorited album from the 3-dot menu of the album in Library


BubbleDS allows you to control your Linn DS and OpenHome renderers:

• browse and play your music from your media servers
• play radio channels
• manage the playlist
• control volume, standby, switch sources, select Songcast sender, ...
• ...and more!

And with the integrated media server you can also play music:

• stored on your Android device
• from popular cloud sShow more







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