BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera

With BabyCam you can control your baby by using your own mobile phone.
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Developer: Arjona Software
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You can take pictures of the baby and keep them in the parent's device 👶📷 You can talk to your baby from the parents' camera 👨 🎤➡️👶 You can switch between the front and rear camera 🔄📷 You can connect more than one device simultaneously to the baby's camera. So both mom and dad can see the baby at the same time 👩 + 👨 ➡️ 👶 The sound has better quality 🔊👌 Thank you very much for your pieces of advices you send us, you help us to improve the app!🤔💡


BabyCam allows you to monitor your baby using your mobile. Using BabyCam you do not need to spend money on a video surveillance system or FM radio transmitter. Those machines will be no longer useful as your baby grows up.
If you would like to take full advantage of the functionality of BabyCam, it will be necessary to have two mobiles with this application installed.
The first mobile should be located near the baby and will be respoShow more







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