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Atualizado : 23 de outubro de 2016
Instalações : 10.000 - 50.000
Versão atual : 2.23
Requer Android : 2.3 ou superior
Classificação do conteúdo : Classificação Livre
Elementos interativos : Usuários Interagem, Compras digitais
Produtos no app : R$2,50 por item
Permissões : Reportar : Oferecido por : Finesoft
Desenvolvedor :

Game is handy to summon monsters to fight in the battered screen!

■ Game Mode
BATTLE: monsters available if a person goes up mode for the stage level is increased.
MATCH: You fight with a friend near by using the Bluetooth mode for two people.
BOOK: Edit the party to use a pair of four monsters in the game. You can create three types.
SHOP:You can unlock the monsters that are available during the game. Lineup changes daily.
RECORD: You can see the progress of the game.

■ How to Play
This game is roughly divided into parts and summons, there is a part of combat.
A. Part summons
A body, is summoned monsters each time you tap the screen once, creating a (MANA) the corresponding magic.
You can summon the base will be summoned demon "SEED" far left, demon "COST" non-demon of the left edge has been set to tap in the magic of COST that support has been accumulated.
In addition, those who have set the COST monsters can be set three, has been set on the left side is a high priority.
Two. Part combat
At the end of the summons part, go to the combat part.
Combat is automatic.
The damage to the enemy's mode and for a human, demon army to attack the right side of the screen went basically, when you reach the right edge.
Will be settled with the life of the camp or to 0, and becomes 0 TIME.

※ Please note that at this stage BlueTooth communication battle is in beta stage. Fall in the error, I am glad when report does not work well if you have any!

Credits:Game plan and Develop by FineSoft


ver 2.23
Minor bug fix.
Change server & Change homepage link


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