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Graced UI

Updated : December 1, 2017
Installs : 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version : 1.17
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up
Content Rating : Everyone
In-app Products : $1.49 per item
Offered By : Wil Design
Category: Personalization

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Welcome to Graced UI!

Hello there. I hope you are just having a wonderful day.

Thank you for checking out Graced UI, a free and weekly updated icon pack based on the icons Samsung introduced with their Galaxy S8 mobile devices.

You can join the Telegram group or Discord server to share screenshots, discuss and share feedback on the icon pack!

- - -

It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny day. As striking as the day, an unnamed user is scrolling viciously through their phone, searching for a good icon pack to spice up their homescreen.

The sparkling user somehow stumbles upon an icon pack with -1 installs.
"Graced UI? Wow, another one of those packs, wonder how this one is different." says the lovely faced user sarcasticly.

The ever lovely user is struck by an unexpected sneeze and accidentally taps on the "READ MORE" button.
Intrigued by the description, the user, who is having such a great day, decides to read it.

* It's free!
* ~500 icons so far!
* Graced UI will receive weekly updates until the end of my Internet, which hopefully, is never!
* All icons are actually designed like the S8 icons! No stock icon oddly forced into a squircle!
* Free icon requests!
* It's the only icon pack I'm working on, so I can include a bunch of icons each week!

"WOW! I just experienced the exact same events provided in this app's description. What are the chances?" says the slightly confused user before hitting the install button.
"Am I the developer of this app in another universe? Are there other universes to begin with?"
"Who's the developer of the universe?"

The user, who is not only dashing, but also a philosopher of some kind, is absolutely blown away by the quality of the icon pack and proceeds to leave a review that will absolutely warm the heart of the developer.

Story by: Wu Tang
Producer: Dhu Chen
Executive producer: Aye Zhu
Director: Lahv Graham
Lovely user: Yhu Maedea

- - -
Thanks again for checking out the icon pack. I hope you like it.

Thanks to Dani Mahardhika for the dashboard!

Thanks to the great people in the Telegram group for providing feedback and initial icon requests!

What's New

Due to Net Neutrality, this update was delayed by a week. :(
- Added 25 new icons
- No one has found the hidden message in the app description yet :/
See you next time!
(Next week probably. Jeez, no need to get so attached)
jk, loveya and thanks for the support. :D

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