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Survival Island

Updated : March 21, 2017
Installs : 1,000 - 5,000
Current Version : 3.95
Requires Android : 4.1 and up
Content Rating : Teen
Violence, Blood
Interactive Elements : Digital Purchases
Offered By : Sarif Tech Ltd
Category: Simulation

Download Survival Island (23.25 MB)

For players that enjoy open-world survival games like Ark: Survival Evolved, The Forest, Rust.

Castaway: Survival Island is a Mobile Survival Sim is an open world first person survival sim set on a lonely island.

Keep yourself warm, keep yourself fed, keep yourself alive.

The island contains many secrets and treasures to be found, so explore and enjoy your time on the island.

Some of the main features:
- Collect raw materials to build basic tools for hunting wild deers, rabbits and giant spiders!
- Hone your hunting skills to gather meat and hides from the animals you kill
- Craft campfires to cook raw meat and boil water
- Use your basic tools to mine for more advanced resources, like metal ores and sulphur
- Refine your resources into ingots and build more advanced weapons for hunting, like guns and grenades!
- Search the islands dark caves system, the mountains and the snowy planes to find resources and creatures only found within the caves, like the islands Giant Spider, Velociraptor and T-Rex among other ancient creatures and dinosaurs!
- Build a home using the games "snap-to" building system and gain benefits from being indoors!
- Craft a fishing rod and fish for extra food

This is the retail version - This version will contain additional content that the free version doesn't contain.

What's New

Fixed various issues with the bow/arrow collision detection
Added poison arrows
Added a new ammo selector for weapons that support more than one type of ammo
Added randomised chests across the island
Various other bug fixes

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